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Carryout from one of our restaurants.

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Introducing FoodALot

We provide advanced technology solutions to independent restaurants and small chains like yours. FoodALot is looking forward to serve you the best and earn your trust and royalty.

Online Ordering Solution

Restaurants, start taking online orders in minutes.

  1. Give us your menu and we will provide you a link to your menu.
  2. Customer views your menu and place orders.
  3. Never miss an order. You get multiple alerts.
  4. Order dashboard displays all incoming orders, real-time. Optionally auto-print orders to your kitchen printer.


  • Pick pay as you go or flat fee plan.
  • Pay as you go Plan: 3.5% for Pay at restaurant. 7% for direct deposit, credit card orders.
  • Flat fee Plan: 99$ a month, unlimited orders, just 2.9% for credit card orders. Save hundreds every month.
  • 30 day free trial. No credit card required to try.
  • No setup fee. No contract. Cancel any time.
  • Low 5% fee for catering credit card orders.
  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Call or text us at 1-513-452-6879, to schedule a no-obligation, 30 minute online demo.

If you are a restaurant chain, please talk to us. Other options like dedicated hosting, private labeling or host in your servers options are available. Also, we can expose our API and or integrate with your systems.

If you are a delivery company or a reseller, please talk to us.


  • No proprietary device required. Receive orders from any android tablet.
  • Print orders to one or more kitchen printers.
  • Online orders are retained in the cloud.
  • Receive text alerts or voice calls.
  • Edit your menu any time.
  • Accept online credit cards.
  • Accept Carry Out, Dine-in and Delivery orders
  • Re-punching into your POS is not required.
  • Custom branding. Customize with your logo and color schemes.
  • Why print? When you can display orders in a big LCD monitor or a TV.

Your menu is responsive, so that your customers can order from a PC, smartphone or a tablet.

Our servers are monitored 24X7. Redundant servers across multiple US cities. If one server goes down, requests are automatically routed to a second server.

Smart Waitstaff

  • Using FoodALot Smart Waitstaff app, your servers can take orders with a tablet or a smartphone.
  • Coming this December 1st, 2016, just on time for the holiday season.
  • Both online orders and in-restaurant orders appear in the same dashboard and printed to your kitchen printer.
  • Improve your service efficiency.
  • Split checks with easy.
  • Table Management

Table Reservation

  • Simple, cost-effective alternative to the other popular expensive option.
  • Collect a reservation fee. Non-refundable if the user did not cancel on time.
  • Table Management
  • Coming soon January 2017.
  • Comes to the order dashboard.

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